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Shakerag Hounds
Georgia's Oldest Hunt
Recognized 1950


About Shakerag Hounds

Shakerag began in North Atlanta with a group of horse and hunting enthusiasts who gathered at Chastain Park and hunted the wilds of what is now one of Atlanta’s most beautiful residential areas. The club then moved to the outer fringes of North Fulton County to a member's farm. In the early nineteen sixties the hunt purchased property located just across the Fulton County line in Forsyth County, and the clubhouse and kennels remained there for almost thirty years until commercial and residential development began to overtake the countryside.

In 1991 the hunt relocated to our present site in Madison County. Shakerag Hounds has always been about change, but anchored in 300 years of foxhunting tradition. As we continue the tradition of mounted foxhunting 70 years later we are building on the dedication, financial commitment, and sweat equity of our loyal members, and the unfailing generosity of our landowners and support from the local community.

It is only through the continued hard work of the membership, the graciousness of the community, and the generosity of the landowners, that hunts nationwide will continue to enjoy the tradition of foxhunting. It is important to remember the most lasting reward of riding to the hounds is the comradeship of friends enjoying the mystical communion of a day in nature's cathedral.

Tally ho,
Daryl Buffenstein, MFH
West Hamryka, MFH

Shakerag Past Masters

Richard Hull 1943 - 1946
P.D. Christian, Jr. 1946 - 1976
William Elsas 1949 - 1951
Oliver Healy 1951 - 1964
Roger Leithead 1964 - 1966
George Chase 1966 - 1973
James B. Henderson 1973 - 1975
A.F. Rees, IV 1975 - 1977
T. Irvin Dickson 1976 - 1980
John W. Lundeen 1978 - 1980
Dr. Robert Corr 1980 - 1982
James L. Steenhuis 1980 - 1981
Henry O. Muller 1981 - 1985
Dr. Martin L. Levin 1982 - 1991
Ms. Judy McCabe 1985 - 1996
Dr. Thomas R. Cadier 1985 – 1998
Stuart Newman 1994 – 1999
Dr. Joseph A. Manno, III 1995 – 2003
Sally Rasmussen 1999 – 2012
Richard S. Washburn 2003 – 2014
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